Board Members

Linda L. Andrews – Co-Chair:

Contact: Email: [email protected]

Miami and Cherokee descent
Committees: Finance, Fund Raising, Education Outreach, Academic Conference, Gathering of Great Lakes Nations, Cultural Arts Classes, Event Outreach, Scholarship Chair, Nominating Committee Chair

Connie Loyd-Board Treasurer

Contact: Email: [email protected]

Committees: Finance Chair, Fund Raising, Gathering Committee

Ann Baldauf-Board Secretary

Contact: Email: [email protected]

Committees: Gathering committee secretary

Shirley Kennedy-Committees: Memberships co-Chair, Gathering committee

Rachel Sadowski-[email protected]

Committees: Gathering committee Chair, Nominating Committee

Willard Sharp jr.- Lennni Lenape descent

Contact: Email: [email protected]

Committees: Gathering Committee, Land and Trail Chair

Aaron Stevens- Committees: Gathering Committee, Nominating Committee

Kayla Becker

CJ Begay

Tim Samaniego-Committees: Gathering Committee

Valorie Scott-Committees: Memberships co-Chair, Gathering committee

Laura Zak

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