NCGLNAC Newsletter – August 2003

6th Great Lakes Native American Arts and Crafts Workshops

Sunday evening, August 3 through Friday afternoon, August 8, 2003
Old Mill Run Park - 8544 West 690 North - Thorntown, Indiana 46071

The National Center for Great Lakes Native American Culture will host its sixth traditional arts and crafts workshops at the beautiful Old Mill Run Park near Thorntown, Indiana, which is located within the 1818 Thorntown Reserve of the Eel River Band of Miami. The workshops explore the arts, crafts and history of Great Lakes Native Americans through hands-on workshops and presentations by Native American tradition bearers, talented artisans and experts on Native American Culture. Tradition bearers and participants came from 10 states, Canada and Sweden for last summer's workshops.

Registration is 3 to 5 pm Sunday August 3 and 8 to 9 am Monday August 4. A welcome meal and gathering will be from 5 to 8 pm Sunday evening. Welcome Circle will be 9 am Monday. Class times are 9 am to noon and 1:30 to 4:30 pm daily, except Friday which ends at 3:30 pm. Session One begins after the Welcome Circle Monday, continues all day Tuesday and until noon Wednesday. Session Two begins at 1:30 pm Wednesday, continues all day Thursday and ends at 3:30 p.m. Friday. Class sizes are limited and each class participant pays a supply fee for class materials (listed with each class description) directly to the class tradition bearer before class begins. Materials or tools that students need to bring to class are listed in the class descriptions. Regular classes are limited to those 12 years and over. We are very pleased to offer this summer a children's class for ages 5 - 11. Classes with fewer than 5 registered may be cancelled so please list your second choice class. If a class is cancelled you will be notified by email or phone so please list your email address and phone number. The workshop registration fee is $70 per person for each class. The exception is John Teegarden's Silversmithing Class which takes the entire week at a registration fee of $140. Pre-registration is required and the deadline is July 20. Mail the registration form and appropriate fees to:

Karen Cochrane
NCGLNAC Treasurer
Post Office Box 424
Burlington, IN 46915

Please make checks payable to NCGLNAC, Inc.

There are a limited number of $70 scholarships available for Native Americans. In addition there will also be a very limited number of $70 scholarships for the general public. Limit: one $70 scholarship per workshop. Request a scholarship application from:

Kay Neumayr
4950 N 750 East
Attica, IN 47918
765-572are granted a scholarship you will be refunded $70.

We will be offering an evening meal at 5:30 pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at a cost of $7 per person per meal. Please register for either 2 meals ($14) or 4 meals ($28). For lunch, Thorntown has a couple of good restaurants or you may travel 8 miles to the exit at Interstate 65 and State Road 32 for numerous fast food choices. There is a Dairy Queen at US52 and State Road 47 about 4 miles from the campground.

Camping and Lodging: Those wishing to camp at Old Mill Run Park need to make their own reservations by phone at 1-800-874-7343 or by e-mail at Mention NCGLNAC Native American Workshops to receive a 10% discount off your rate, which is from $18.50 per night for primitive to $26.50 per night for everything including cable TV. Those not camping at Old Mill Run Park must pay a $3 per person per day entrance fee at the camp office on the first day, which entitles you use of all their facilities, and helps pay for the air-conditioning in Hayden Hall. Blocks of rooms have been reserved at three motels at the Interstate 65 and State Road 32 exit, which is about 8 miles from Old Mill Run Park. To receive the special rate you must mention NCGLNAC Native American Workshops. The Comfort Inn has reserved 20 rooms at a rate of $65 per night - 765-482-4800. Lee's Inn also has reserved 20 rooms at a rate of $55 per night - 765-482-9611. Super 8 also has reserved 20 rooms at a rate of $55 per night - 765-482-9999. All motels feature a continental breakfast. All rates are good only until July 14. The NASCAR Brickyard 400 is in Indianapolis August 3 - motels and the campground will fill up quickly.

Our traditional gathering and Give Away will be Thursday evening from 7 to 9 pm. At this special time participants may give something to others who have been special during the workshops. The gift may be words, something made or bought. If you wish, gifts may be in private at another time, but please come to the Give Away and enjoy the good feelings. Among other programs planned are the viewing of the documentary on the Delaware in Indiana Long Journey Home: The Delawares of Indiana, brought by Annette Ketchum whose family is among those Delaware (Lenape) featured in the film, which was produced by Indianapolis Public Television WFYI, Michael Atwood, Clayton Taylor and writer Rita Kohn. Among programs planned for other evenings include our Annual Talent Show and a membership meeting.

Questions or need more information? Contact Workshop Co-Chairs Karen Cochrane at (765-566-2334) or Kay Neumayr at (765-572-2574).


Native American Art and Crafts Workshops

2003 Classes Offered

Woodland Style Coiled Pottery- Session One Only. Paula Butcher, Wyandot descent, from Bainbridge, Ohio, has made hand-formed, pit-fired pottery for the last 12 years. She will teach students to make Woodland pottery using Hopewell and Fort Ancient designs from Ohio, Indiana and other Great Lakes states using pinch and coil methods. Students will make as many pots as time and clay supply allows. Monday's pots will be pit-fired Thursday. Students need to bring cardboard boxes and newspaper to wrap and transport their pottery. Class limit 15 students. Supply fee: $30.

Women's Beaded Hair Ornament - Both Sessions. Evelyn Scott Bellmyer, Miami Tribe of Oklahoma, comes from Miami, Oklahoma. She has been teaching beadwork for many years. Evelyn will teach her students how to make a large beaded hair barrette. She will provide the large barrettes, patterns, buckram, leather, beads, small bobbins of thread, needles, wax, and plastic containers. Students will need to bring scissors, small needlenose pliers and small plastic butter or cottage cheese container. Class limit is 8 students. Supply Fee: $30.

10" Single headed or 13" Single or Double Headed Personal Drum - Both Sessions. Bob Bellmyer, Cherokee descent, also comes from Miami, Oklahoma. He will teach students to make and decorate their own personal hand drum from rawhide. Bob will provide the hide and the hoop for your drum, and you can select one of three possible styles. Since the hide and rounds for this class need to be ordered, you must respond by July 15 which type of drum you would like to make. Supply list: scissors, fiber mallet, hole punch. Class limit is 8 students. Supply fees: $30 - Single Sided 10"; $45 - Single Sided 13"; $52 - Double Sided 13".

Children's Cultural Immersion Class for Ages 6 through 11 - Both Sessions. Robin McBride Scott, Cherokee descent, will give her young students the experience of hands-on activities ranging from traditional arts, music, dance, games, foods, storytelling and much more. Class limit: 12 students. Supply fee: $20.

Personal Dipper Gourd Rattles - Session Two only. Award-winning gourd artist Carolyn Rushton comes from Glenwood, Indiana to teach her students how to make a small personal rattle from a dipper gourd. Students will learn how to clean the gourd inside and out and decide what to add to make a better rattle sound. Gourds will be decorated by woodburning, paint, feathers, leather and other trimmings. Class limit is 12 students. Supply fee: $25.

Rawhide Parfleches, Rawhide Boxes and Personal Rawhide Rattles - Both Sessions. Sharon Patterson of Shawnee, Choctaw and African-American descent, from Indianapolis, has been making rawhide boxes, drums and rattles for about 12 years. She will teach her students to design their own rattle patterns, cut the rawhide and sew and stuff the rattle forms, then decorate with their own designs. Students will make two rattles. Students will also make and decorate two rawhide boxes (parfleches), one folded and the other sewn. Class limit is 10. Supply fee: $30.

Hand-carved Wooden Spoons - First Session Only. Eugene Brown, Miami of Indiana, from Grand Prairie, Texas, will teach his students the techniques of hand-carving traditional wooden spoons using the crooked knife. Everyone admires Eugene's skill in carving on his flutes. If you have your own tools, bring them. Class limit: 12 students. Supply fee: $25.

Pictograph Rock Painting - Second Session Only. In this class Eugene Brown will teach students the techniques of painting on the surface of slate and other stone in the manner of the ancient rock art. Class limit: 12. Supply Fee: $20.

Great Lakes Style Silversmithing - Class Takes the Entire Week (Registration $140). John Teegarden comes from Mabank, Texas, and will be teaching his students how to make their own silversmithing tools and then to make their choice of nickel silver broaches, armbands, gorgets, etc. using the old ways of production as much as possible. John will supply the silver and hard-to-get materials. Students will be contacted regarding the specific tools they need to bring to class, so please sign up early to allow time to locate the suggested items. Class limit: 8. Supply fee: $75.

Great Lakes Porcupine Quill Plaiting (Twining) - Session One Only. Bonita Bent-Nelson, Cherokee descent from Monterey, Indiana, will teach her students the basics of the technique by making quilled drops and quilled feather strips and to use a bow loom. If you have a round object to wrap such as a flute, pipestem, prayer stick, etc. bring it. This is the easiest form of quillwork to master. Supply list: scissors. Class limit: 10. Supply fee: $25. See note***.

Basic to Advanced Great Lakes Porcupine Quill Embroidery - Session Two Only. Bonita Bent-Nelson, Cherokee descent, will teach students the zig-zag stitch, single-line beaded stitch and double zig-zag stitch. Students will choose from projects using brain-tanned leather-neck bags, scissors cases, strike-a-lights, etc. to decorate with the stitches learned. Supply list: scissors. Class limit: 10. Supply fee: $25. See note***.

***Note*** Students in both sessions will learn to pluck quills from the hide and the basics of dying quills.

Traditional Woodlands Elk-Hide Moccasins - Both Sessions. Paula Pechonick, Delaware Tribe of Indians, comes from Dewey, Oklahoma. She is a well-known moccasin maker. Students will construct a pair of soft-soled Woodland moccasins made from elk hide. The moccasins will have fabric covered flaps with beads and beaded toes. Paula will furnish everything unless the student wants to bring a pair of heavy scissors. Students can bring ribbonwork (for flaps) or specific colors for flaps or beads, if they wish. Supply list: scissors. Class limit: 10. Supply fee: $25.

The Art of Storytelling - Both Sessions. Annette Ketchum, Delaware tribal member, from Bartlesville, Oklahoma will be teaching "The Art of Storytelling". She is a grandmother of five. This is a class for storytellers and those who are becoming storytellers. The purpose of the class will be to provide new stories, exchange stories, and hone in on storytelling styles and skill. Class limit is 12. Supply fee: $5.

Coiled Sweet Grass Baskets - Both Sessions. Mavis Kiyoshk, Potawatomi, comes from beautiful Walpole Island, Ontario, to teach her students the technique for making coiled sweet grass baskets in their choice of several designs. Students will also learn how to 'cook' the sweetgrass to preserve the color. Supply list: scissors. Class limit: 10. Supply fee: $30. Please pay the supply fee to Mavis in cash as it takes a month for checks to clear her bank in Canada.

Herbal Traditions - First Session Only. Traditional herbalist Dani Tippmann, Miami of Indiana from Columbia City, Indiana, has spent many years learning Indiana's native plants. Her students will learn to know the plants as friends, and knowing how these friends help us is important. Students will learn uses of traditional Native plants in cooking, healing and utilitarian purposes, with the emphasis on plants as food. Proper harvesting techniques, plant preparation, traditional cooking procedures and respect for plants will be taught. Class will prepare plants to be enjoyed at camp and to be taken home for future cooking. Supply list: Gloves, trowel or small digging tool, shoes and clothing to walk in the woods and get muddy, bug repellant and sunscreen. Class limit: 12. Supply fee: $10. Dani will have the Indiana Plant Guide available for an additional $10.

Basic Fingerweaving - First Session Only. George Wieske, from Royal Oak, Michigan, concentrates most of his teaching of fingerweaving (weaving yarn into intricate patterns without a loom) on pieces originally made by the Quebecois for the English, French and American traders. Students will learn basic fingerweaving in the barred and diagonal patterns, and how to combine then. If time permits, the arrowhead and diamond patterns will also be taught. Class limit: 10. Supply fee: $10.

Black Ash Baskets - Second Session Only. Chris Rapp Morseau, Pokagon Potawatomi from North Liberty, Indiana, is a fifth-generation black ash basketmaker, learning from her grandmother, the late Agnes Rapp, her mother Margaret Rapp and aunt Judy Augusta. Students will learn techniques for hand-cutting, hand-splitting, and hand-shaving the black ash and then weaving a basket from the material they have prepared. Supply list: Pencil, ruler, heavy sharp knife (a big pocket knife works best) and heavy scissors. Class limit: 10. Supply fee: $30.

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