NCGLNAC Newsletter – August 2002

Woodland Native American Arts and Crafts Workshops

Sunday evening, August 4 through Friday afternoon, August 9, 2002
Old Mill Run Park - 8544 W. 690 N. - Thorntown, Indiana 46071

What Are The Workshops: The Great Lakes Native American Arts and Crafts Workshops are sponsored by the National Center for Great Lakes Native American Culture, Inc. and provide the opportunity for Native Americans and the general public to gather for five days of classes taught by Great Lakes Tradition Bearers. We don't think that there's another opportunity anywhere for students to meet and learn in this kind of unique setting. For more than a decade, participants have enjoyed the workshops and have gone home feeling that they have created a new "family." In 2001, our students and tradition bearers came from nine states.

Each Tradition Bearer is an expert in the art or craft they teach. Most Tradition Bearers teach two, two and one-half day classes during the workshops. Some projects require the entire week. Those enrolled may enroll in one or two, two and one-half day classes learning traditional arts and crafts of Great Lakes Tribes. Tradition Bearers provide all supplies to students for a fee. We also have "Talking Times," when elders visit about traditions and answer questions.

The Treaty of St. Mary's created The Thorntown Reserve in 1818, for the Eel River Band of the Miami Tribe. The Kentucky Militia burned their homes along the Eel River in 1791 and the band removed to the Thorntown area to be "out of the way" of future military expeditions. The Thorntown Eel River Reserve contained 100 square miles. John Tipton, who was Indian Agent at Logansport, talked the Eel River Miami into disposing of their reserve and moving back to Peru, where many were removed to Kansas in 1846. Old Mill Run Park is located within the Thorntown Reserve.

Camping and Lodging: Each participant will be responsible for making their own camping or lodging arrangements. You may contact Old Mill Run Park by phone at 1-800-874-7343 or by e-mail at Their web page is at: Some motels at Lebanon include the following: Comfort Inn $65 per night- 765-482-4800, and Lees Inn $55 per night- 765-482-9611. Both have Continental Breakfasts. Mention NCGLNAC. Rates good only until July 15! Don't wait to make reservations! This is a busy vacation time. We're sure you'll find something you like! If you aren't camping at Old Mill, you will need to pay a $3.00 per person entrance fee for each day you'll be attending with your registration. This fee will help pay for the air-conditioning in the craft hall where some classes meet. Pay your fee and pick up your windshield pass at the Camp Store the first day---or---risk being towed!

Evening Meal: We will be offering an evening meal on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. It is not required that you participate, but it is a fun time when we can all visit and become better acquainted. Renda Ballew and Greg Ballew will be the camp cook and "gofer" and you know Renda's reputation for good food and Greg's ability to eat huge quantities of it! The cost will be $7.00 per person per meal. You must register for two or four meals if you participate in the evening suppers.

Logistics and Give Away: Registration will be from 3:00 PM until 5:00 PM on Sunday and from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM on Monday. There will be a FREE cookout and welcome get together on Sunday evening from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM at Old Mill. There will be a welcome circle at 9:00 AM Monday, so be thinking about something unique to share. All classes will begin following the Welcome Circle. Classes will be in session from 9:00 AM until noon, and 1:30 PM until 4:00 PM daily. We will have a one and one-half lunch hour each day and restaurants are nearby. Participants may enroll in one or two classes. Session One will begin at 9:00 AM on Monday and continue through noon on Wednesday. Session Two will begin at 1:30 PM on Wednesday and continue through 4:00 PM on Friday. We will plan on having our traditional gathering and Give Away on Thursday evening from 7:00 PM to 0:00 PM, since many have to leave for the Mihsihkinaahkwa Pow Wow in Columbia City, on Friday evening. The Give Away is a special time when each participant gives away something to an individual(s) at the workshops who has been very special. This gift may be words, an object you have made, something you have brought--it's not the intrinsic worth--it's the meaning that counts. If you wish to present gifts privately, that is perfectly all right, just come and enjoy in the good feelings.

Class Fees: There will be a registration fee of $70 for each class. In addition, there may be supply fees for each class. Supply fees will be listed with each class description elsewhere in this newsletter and are payable to the instructor at the start of classes. However, registration fees must be paid in advance. Make checks to NCGLNAC, Inc. and mail with registration forms to Kay Neumayr, NCGLNAC Workshops Co-Chair, 4950 N. Cty. Rd. 750E, Attica, IN 47918. Telephone - 765-572-2574. Deadline for registrations to be postmarked is Friday, July 19, 2002. Tradition Bearers need the numbers to prepare supplies for classes and meals. Classes with fewer than 5 registered will be canceled and the registrant's will be placed in their second choice classes. If a class is canceled, you will be notified by phone-so list your telephone numbers!

Workshop Scholarships: A limited number of $70 scholarships for Native Americans will be available. If you wish to apply for a scholarship, prepare a one-page request providing information about how the knowledge gained will be put to use and shared. The letter should be submitted with your completed registration form and mailed to Kay Neumayr. Only one $70 scholarship will be awarded per person. Go ahead and send a $70 check with your grant request and registration. It will be held and returned to you at registration if you receive a scholarship. Scholarship recipients will be notified by phone on or before August 1, 2002.


Native American Art and Crafts Workshops

2002 Classes Offered
Note THREE Changes From Earlier Schedules:

First, due to scheduling problems, Royce and Carolyn Beigh's classes have been CANCELED. Anyone registered in his or her classes will be given second choice or you should call Kay Neumayer at 765-572-2574 and choose another. Second, Bob and Evelyn Bellmyer will be teaching BOTH sessions instead of just the first session to allow more to participate. Sharon Patterson will teach ONLY ONE session.

Class 1 - Session 1 - Monday to Wednesday noon
Eugene Brown - "Woodland Cedar Flutes"
- Miami Elder Eugene Brown has been making cane and cedar flutes for more than 10 years and each one tells a beautiful story. Eugene will furnish the cedar "blanks" and the students will assemble them and use their own ideas for painting, or adding beads, or leather, or feathers, or shells. Supply fee: $30.00 - Limited to 10 students.

Class 2 - Session 2 - Wednesday noon through Friday afternoon
Eugene Brown - "Woodland Storytelling"
- Eugene spends a lot of time in Texas elementary schools telling the stories of the Miami, Potawatomi and others. He also believes that every one of us is a storyteller and will help you prove it. Creator has blessed Eugene with a very special sense of humor (don't we know it!!) and this will be a wonderful experience. Supply fee $5. Limit 15.

Class 3 -Session 1 and Class 4 - Session 2. Penny Bishop - "Women's Ribbon Dance Shawls" Coming all the way from Morrison, Colorado, Citizen Potawatomi Penny Bishop will be teaching how to make the beautiful women's dance shawl appliquéd with different colors of satin, taffeta or silky satin "ribbon" fabric. There is no supply fee but participants will need to bring the following: 1. Two yards of 60" wide fabric for the shawl. Suggested fabrics are double knits, gabardine or wool. 2. One yard of 45" wide satin, taffeta, or silky satin fabric which will be cut into strips for the ribbon effect. Color coordinate the shawl and ribbon fabrics. You may want to purchase three or four different colors of ribbon. Colors are a personal choice. 3. Four yards of precut fringe (14" length) or two spools of chainette fringe. If you can't find the fringe, Penny will try to bring several colors that you may purchase. 4. Sewing thread in matching colors for shawl and ribbon. You will need 5 yards of stichable lightweight "Wonder Under." Patterns will be available for ribbon strip or you may bring your own pattern. 5. Also bring a portable sewing machine, extension cord, scissors, needles, straight pins, tape measure, Fray Check, #10 or #12 crochet hook and #12 big eye needle or yarn needle. (Why do the Potawatomi always take the most space in the newsletter?)

Class 5 - Session 1 and Class 5A Session Two. Evelyn Bellmyer - "Beaded Brickstitch Strip" Miami of Oklahoma - This beautiful old form of weaving beadwork right on the needle will allow you to make an heirloom object for appliquéing to moccasins or clothing. The supply fee is $20.00 and includes everything you'll need. Limit is 15 per class.

Class 6 - Session 1 and Class 6A Session Two. Bob Bellmyer - "Making a Personal Rawhide Hand Drum" Bob has been making personal drums for many years and will provide the hoop and hide to make your drum. You can paint your own design, add leather, beads, shells, or whatever to make your" drum. We're glad Evelyn and Bob are making the trip from Oklahoma. Supply fee is $30.00. Limit is 8 students. You must contact Bob no later than July 10, at 918-542-1201 so he can order the wooden rounds and hides!!!

Class 7 - Session 1 and Class 7A - Session 2 . Robin Scott - "Wampum Sash, Leg Garter, Armband or Choker" Wampum beadwork is one of the oldest and most traditional art forms in the Great Lakes. In the old days, the beads were made one at a time by drilling them from a muscle shell. New authentic wampum beads are $6 each, so we'll be using the acrylic replicas. Robin will teach how to make all four projects in both sessions. You will complete the garter, armband or choker in one session and will learn enough to complete the sash on your own. The supply fee for the $75 for the Shoulder Sash, $48 Armband, $48 Leg Garter, or $28 for the choker. You must contact Robin at 765-766-5185 or to order supplies ahead of classes!!!

Judy Augusta and Chris Rapp will offer the basket classes for both Session One and Session Two.
Class 8 -Session One and Class 9 -Session Two - Judy Augusta and Chris Rapp- "Potawatomi Black Ash Baskets" Judy (aunt) and Chris (niece) will teach how to make a Pokagon Potawatomi black ash basket from pounding out the black ash to staining and weaving the strips. These ladies are continuing generations of Pokagon Potawatomi basket making and you'll be amazed at what you create. Students will need to bring a heavy paring knife, heavy scissors, and a ruler. The supply fee is $35.00. Limit 10 students.

George Wieske will teach Session One only - Monday through Wednesday noon.
Class 12 - Session One - George Wieske - "Advanced Finger Weaving" George Wieske is a master finger weaver from Michigan. Class is for those who have previously made a finger-woven project. Supply fee includes "A Manual of Finger Weaving" by Austin. If you already have the book the supply fee is $12. The supply fee with book $30.00. George often gets $1,000 or more for a completed sash!

John Teagarden's class requires THE ENTIRE WEEK-Enroll for Monday through Friday - $140.00 Class Fee.
Class 13 - Requires Entire Week - John Teegarden - "Great Lakes Silversmithing" John will be coming from Texas to teach how to make German Silver broaches, armbands or gorgets. Students will learn to make their own tools, punches, and jewelry. Supply fee is $30.00. Some tools required. John will contact students in regard to the tools they need to bring. Class limit is 8.

Monty Weisenberger, Miami Elder, Teaching "Slate Banner Stones"
Class 14 -Session One and Class 15 - Session Two - Monty Weisenberger - "Slate Banner Stones" Miami elder Monty Weisenberger will teach how to make slate artifacts like banner stones and birds used by the ancestors. Class will be outside- No air-conditioning. Supply fee is $25.00. Class limit is 8.

Carolyn Rushton's Class will be offered for Session Two Only - Wednesday through Friday afternoon.
Class 16 - Session Two - Carolyn Rushton - "Hand-Decorated Gourd Containers/Bowls" Carolyn Rushton has won nearly every award at shows across the country for her beautiful gourd artwork. Carolyn will provide paints and brushes. If you want to wood burn, bring your own inexpensive set from a craft store. The supply fee is $15.00. Class limit is 12.

Mavis Kiyoshk will teach this class for both Session One and Session Two.
Class 17 - Session One and Class 18 - Session Two - Mavis Kiyoshk - "Sweet Grass Baskets" - Coming all the way from beautiful Walpole Island, and bringing her long, beautiful sweet grass, Mavis and her sister will teach how to make Coiled Sweet Grass Baskets. The supply fee will be $30.00 each. Class limit is 15.

Sharon Patterson will teach this class for both Session One.
Class 19 - Session One - Sharon Patterson - "Folded Rawhide Boxes and/or Personal Rattles" - Sharon Patterson will teach how to make beautiful rawhide boxes using natural items for decoration and Personal Rattles during session one only. The supply fee is $15.00 for the box or rattle or $25.00 if you wish to do both. Class limit is 10.